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musicians near Lisbon

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"The Groove House is such an inspiring, relaxed place. We were looking for somewhere chilled, in beautiful country surroundings, to reconnect and focus on new songs without the distractions of city life. Gennaro provided us with that, and a lot more: excellent demo recording facilities, full drum kit, guitars and other assorted instruments, great mics, and the space to spread out and experiment. Nice residential facilities. Thirty minutes drive to the beach, the airport, and the city of Lisbon. I’d recommend it to anyone – we’ll be back!"

Stay for a bit

If you have 10+ years experience playing an instrument, feel free to make an enquiry below.

…or you could check out one of our jams/gigs, either as an audience member or musician.



Experience a unique artists’ retreat and events venue for musicians and music lovers where you can meet other guests from around the world who also have a deep artistic passion. The Groove House offers you a deeply memorable way of sharing joy through music, and doing so in a safe, cosy, and relaxed environment.



Surrounded by breathtaking views of natural beauty, we’re a short 30-minute taxi from Portugal’s main airport. Not only is Lisbon the sunniest capital in Europe, it’s also the only one with beaches! This is your well-deserved getaway from stresses of the new reality. Connect with nature by strolling through our old grove forest, share campfire songs at the Sunset Cove, or get inspired by new friends and their stories while bathed in a sea of music.




As a way of helping you wind down, we gently encourage ‘Flow’, a sort of effortless state of heightened awareness that’s also known as being in the Groove. You might be in it if you’re free-flowing a jam session, appreciating the music, or just absorbing the soothing sounds of nature in solitude. 



We have a range of bedrooms, from private doubles to a three-bed dorm with curtains across each bed for full privacy.



…and what better way to keep healthy than to feast on some of our homemade organic food – some of which might be freshly picked from the garden! All the food you’ll need is included when you book.



…a 30 min drive from Lisbon airport, where you can catch an Uber for €20, a €30 taxi…or you could decide to check out Lisbon for a day before taking a local train straight here. 


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