A unique guesthouse in Portugal for musicians and music lovers

Live the Music. Share the Experience.



Experience a unique holiday for music lovers where you can meet and stay with other travellers from around the world who also have a deep artistic passion. The Groove House offers you a deeply memorable way of sharing joy through music, and doing so in a safe, cosy, and relaxed environment.



Surrounded by breathtaking views of natural beauty, we’re a short 30-minute taxi from Portugal’s main airport. Not only is Lisbon the sunniest capital in Europe, it’s also the only one with beaches! This is your well-deserved getaway from the stresses of city life, in case you’re needing a breath of fresh air. Connect with nature by taking a stroll through our old grove forest, share a campfire song at the Sunset Cove (picture), or get inspired by new friends and their stories while bathed in a sea of music.




As a way of helping you wind down, we gently encourage a state of ‘Flow’, a sort of effortless state of heightened awareness also known as the Zone or Groove. You might be in it if you’re free-flowing a jam, appreciating the music, or just absorbing the soothing sounds of nature in solitude. You’re welcome to stay as long as you need to fully let go and allow that mind to relax.



The Sunset Lounge offers inspirational views and fireplace to keep warm over the winter. The ‘Sacred Bassment’ underneath has complete sound isolation so you can really let those creative juices flow at night with our epic sound system. Both rooms are connected to a 32-channel mixer for recording or jamming with headphones. The Bassment has plenty of ventilation for keeping Covid at bay.



Once Covid is no longer a significant risk, you’re welcome to stay overnight. We have a range of bedrooms, from en suite private rooms to a dorm with six beds, each with curtains for complete privacy (up to ten guests, for now). 



We’d really love to help you reignite a forgotten passion and finallly unleash the artist inside you, whether you think you have it or not. On a physical level, more effort usually leads to better results…but on the level of mind and creativity, being in Flow means you can passively enjoy and observe your body as it takes its own creative journey. The first step is usually to let go of that nagging, inner critic…then we might focus on being present in the moment. While Covid is around, we offer memorable and Covid-safe jam sessions for professional musicians (click on ‘Jams’ above).



We’re about embracing experience as it is, rather than escaping life’s problems. We’re more about living the moment than capturing it…which is why we encourage you to leave any distractions behind in order to fully immerse yourself here and enjoy sharing the experience with others. We offer a discount if you hand in your smartphone during your whole stay 😉



"If music be the food of love, play on" Shakespeare

…and what better way to keep healthy than to feast on some of our homemade organic food, freshly picked from the garden! All the food you’ll need is included when you book a room (hope you’re OK with a veggie diet).



We’re a 30 min drive from Lisbon airport, where you can catch an Uber for €20, a €30 taxi…or you could decide to check out Lisbon for a day before taking a local train straight here. 


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You’ll be able to stay overnight here once Covid is no longer a significant risk.

In the meantime, we’d love to welcome musicians in Lisbon to one of our jam session.