A unique guesthouse in Portugal for musicians and music lovers

Live the Music. Share the Experience.



Experience a unique holiday for all music lovers where you can meet and live in harmony with people from all over the world who share your passion. As a universal language, music is the most powerful way of breaking down cultural barriers, and this is the ideal place to do just that. If travelling’s all about the people you meet, why stress over long journeys when you can kick back and enjoy sharing your music with a constant stream of new friends that come from a mix of interesting backgrounds?



Surrounded by breathtaking views of natural beauty, you’d never guess that your home away from home lies just thirty minutes outside of Lisbon (Portugal). Not only is this Europe’s sunniest capital, it’s also the only one with beaches! The Groove House is the perfect getaway from stresses of city life if you’re needing a breath of fresh air. Connect with nature by taking a stroll through our ancient forest, share campfire songs at the Sunset Cove (picture), or get inspiration from other travellers. If you’re a professional musician, you can enquire about our musicians-only weekends.


The idea at the Groove House is ultimately about helping your mind to completely relax, and doing so through listening in a state of heightened awareness – whether you’re jamming along, appreciating the music, or simply absorbing the soothing sounds of nature in solitude. You’re welcome to stay as long as you need to fully let go and allow the music to flow through you, whether it’s a couple of days or weeks. Or you can book a dedicated week-long retreat that makes use of your relaxed state to help with inspiration and creativity.


We’d really love to help you reignite a forgotten passion and unleash your artist inside, whether you think you have it or not. On a physical level, more effort leads to better results. But on the level of mind and creativity, there’s a ton of research that shows a massive potential in us when we’re in an effortless state of flow. When the mind learns to let go and relax, ideas come naturally. Group flow is experiencing these blissful states together with others around you.


We’re about embracing experience as it is, rather than escaping life’s problems. We’re about being in the moment rather than capturing it…which is why we encourage you to leave any distractions behind in order to fully immerse yourself and deeply enjoy being here. We offer a discount if you hand in your phone during your whole stay.


"If music be the food of love, play on" Shakespeare

What better way to keep healthy than to feast on some of our homemade organic food, freshly picked from the gardens? ALL meals are already included when you book a room…too easy! The vegetables here are grown naturally and organically with plenty of love.


We have a range of bedrooms here, from en suite private rooms to a dorm with six beds, each with curtains for complete privacy. The Sunset Lounge is an unplugged music room for acoustic instruments with inspiring views and cosy fireplace to keep nice and warm over the winter. The cosy ‘Bassment’ is an acoustically isolated room underground where musicians can plug in and let their creative juices flow uninhibited without worrying about other guests sleeping at night. Our focus on sustainability spreads from the garden to the house, all of which is heated entirely using the energy from the sun.


We’re a 30 min drive from Lisbon airport, where you can catch an Uber for €20, a €30 taxi…or you could decide to check out Lisbon for a day before taking a local train straight here. 


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