The Groove House Jams are a series of free and open jam sessions in Lisbon that builds a fun community of musicians and music lovers

These regular meetups with more than 2000 members are a meaningful way of connecting with like-minded people and letting the music do the talking. Whether you’re a musician, singer, or listener your company will always be appreciated 🙂 There’s hardly a better way to wind down from a stressful week than spending quality time together while floating in a sea of music.

Photos by Sérgio Paulo

Expect some improvisation, requests, and a list of well-known songs that inspire the audience to sing along. Lyrics and chords are projected on a big screen so no need to memorize a thing.

These jams happen at a selection of venues in Lisbon – and also at the Groove House itself, which hosts quieter and more intimate jams for dedicated musicians, just out of the city and in the middle of nature.