Unique and inspiring jam sessions
for musicians near Lisbon

Live the Music. Share the Experience.

"Expectations were blown - insane sound quality, organisation, and vibes"
Ricardo Pedrosa
Bass guitar, 10 years
You can always go to a regular jam where you can't hear everyone well and there are people fighting to take solos. Here's your chance to go to one where it's more about the music and responding to each other than impressing an audience.
Iris Noora Ceulemans
Trombone, 20 years
"The reality was far greater than expectations"
Federico Frascarelli
Electric guitar, 15 years
"Best jam ever!"
Litmus Freeman
Singer/songwriter, 30 years

When's the next jam?

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Share the Joy

One good thing to come from this new reality is that we might have realized the importance of feeling a sense of community. So what better way to appreciate this than being bathed in a sea of music! 10 tickets are available every jam session for experienced musicians, including dinner, a short group walk through our forest, and six hours of playing music together. All you need to do is take a 30 minute Uber or car from Lisbon – and arrive at this ideal getaway from stresses of city life. The Sunset Lounge offers proper ventilation, with big glass doors that open to an inspirational view of the sun setting across a natural valley.


In the Groove

Once Covid isn’t a significant risk, we’d love to welcome musicians of any level. In the meantime you’re free to join if you’ve jammed for 10+ years: If you have the ears to easily pick up a basic progression, or if you can effortlessly get into a solid groove. Unique types of tickets (€20 each) are available according to instrument, so there’ll be a nice musical balance. The reason why this magical and memorable experience is so cheap is that musicians need all the help they can right now to keep the music alive in the world.




Instead of performing particular songs, we’d love to try and get into a collective flow state. More than what notes are being played, we’re interested in how they’re played. Less is often more, so anyone is always welcome to start playing a super simple progression with one to four chords max – and to play them with absolute intention, while believing that there’s no such thing as mistakes…then we can see where the journey takes us. As long as we’re really listening to each of the other instruments, I think we can make some magic!




In the second half of the jam we can open things up to famous songs. We can take requests and put the chords and lyrics up on the projector for everyone to follow. Styles typically range from groovy, funky, prog rocky, experimental, to anything that’ll get you grooving your socks off.